My girlfriends said that I was destined
to attract the wrong men into my life!

But I was determined
to prove them wrong! And I did!!!

YOU TOO Can Stop Being a Magnet
for Losers!!!

Isn't It Time to Stop
Having YOUR Heart Ripped Apart?

Hi, I'm Dr. Elena, and if you're like me, you've probably had your share of "less than desirable" men - better known as "Losers"! I sure know that I have! - the Players, Scoundrels, Manipulators, Cheats, Egomaniacs, Commitment Phobics, Time-Wasters, etc.

Are you the kind of woman who went to a party of 100 men and 99 of the them were great guys, and 1 guy was really bad, you would you choose the bad guy? And the 99 great guys would go onto to find 99 women to date, and later marry, while your pick would be stringing you along for the ride. He would tell you he loved you and wanted to be with you, and you would want to believe him until you realized that it was a road to nowhere, and you just couldn't take it anymore.

Perhaps you have decided to play it safe and date and/or have relationships with men that you find boring and/or unacceptable. Your mother may approve of your "significant other" but in your heart you know he is not the one for you. But you are afraid to venture out because you feel that what's out there is probably worse!

Or maybe your clock is ticking and you want to marry and have children, but the right man just doesn't seem to come along.

Perhaps you have just spent the last 4 years of your life involved with a guy who was more interested in his car than you. After you broke up and started dating, you just weren't’t sure how to tell if each guy you dated might be the one!

Maybe you feel that you are simply A Magnet For Losers!

Do you often feel like real love has passed you by?

Perhaps you see other people that seem to have found it, so you know it is possible, but it has somehow escaped you.

Have you had a rough time in love?

Did you bring all the stuff from your family of origin, caregivers, friends, and/or media into your relationships only to sabotage your relationships?

Are you worried about the message you may be passing on to family members that look up to you or, if you have them, even your own children?

Have you had your heart broken or perhaps simply lost your confidence that love can ever be a reality for you?

Are you in a relationship now and are just going through the ropes, but feel very unappreciated and/or just plain unhappy. One part of you thinks that your relationship is as good as it gets, and you should be happy that you have someone in your life, even if the other part of you thinks he is the wrong one for you.

I can't tell you the number of times I hear statements like the following:

  • "I am a well educated woman. I am comfortable financially and have many friends. And I’m told that I am a very attractive woman. Yet, I never seem to be able to bring a great guy into my life."
  • "I have been with my boyfriend for 5 years. I gave him an ultimatum a few months ago and we broke up. I recently found out that he is engaged to be married to another woman. I am devastated."
  • "When I go out dancing with my girlfriends, I feel like I am invisible."
  • "My husband of 4 years has been cheating on me with my best friend. All the signs were there even before we were married but I just didn't’t see them. I wish I could be more self-protective."
  • "I feel like I almost hate men. Every time I fall in love, it seems to end in me having my heart broken."
  • "My husband (boyfriend) really takes me for granted. I am ready to walk out the door."
  • "My boyfriend is threatening to leave me if I don’t take off some weight. I have been doing my best to lose weight but it's not easy. I always have these fears of being abandoned."
  • "I got pregnant at a very young age, and my boyfriend just plain took off.. I have been a single mother for several years now and am thinking about dating again, but I am afraid I'll get more of the same."
  • "My mother has been married four times and I am afraid that I am going down the same path? I am 23 and have already been married twice. I need to turn this around."
  • "My boyfriend gets really nasty and curses at me when he gets angry. It seems that I continuously attract these kinds of guys."
  • "I was happily married for 25 years when my husband died six years ago. My friends tell me I should start dating again. I don’t even know where to start or what to do in a dating situation."
  • "I recently started dating a guy that I met at school. I have heard from other girls that he is a player. I'm worried that I might not be able to recognize the signs. He seems very sweet to me."
  • "I would like to settle down and start a family but all I seem to meet are guys that want to play the field."
  • "I am a 40 year old divorcee? My self-esteem is very low and I'm afraid that I'll only attract the player-types."
  • "I seem to attract guys that expect me to support them. I am tired of it. I want to find a guy that can pay his own way."
  • "I am attracted to 'bad boys' but I know that they are ultimately going to hurt me. I want to change the kind of guys I am attracted to."
  • "I feel like I am never going to find true love."
  • Your personal experience . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .?

It just doesn't have to be that way anymore!

If you think this is the way love has to be for you, believe me when I tell you that it just is not so.

It took me years of self-evaluation and reprogramming to finally break the pattern! But all the study and work finally paid off and resulted in a happy marriage to a wonderful, devoted man who is not only my lover, but also my best friend. And it just gets better and better, so much so that at times I have to pinch myself just to make sure that I'm not dreaming!

At right: Elena and her husband/best friend George at a 2008 banquet.

Love is a wonderful thing!

Elena and husband George.

I believe that all women deserve to have wonderful, loving relationships, and I've made it my mission to help women avoid falling into the trap of picking "Losers"!

checkmark Have you been told by other women that relationships are hard work, full of drama, work and pain? Well, what if that is only a small part of the equation? That is, that some work is involved, but it is more like a fun labor of love, with the right person that is!
checkmark What if you could really live "happily-ever-after" with the man of your dreams?
checkmark What if you could actually add more joy to your present relationship?
checkmark What if you could learn new relationship skills and feel so much better about yourself that your self-esteem blossoms and you gain a new lease on love and life.
checkmark What if you could develop a strong intuition that would protect you from having your heart broken?
checkmark What if your unhappy past in relationships didn't have to equal your present or future?

Statistics show those women that are in loving, successful relationships greatly reduce their risk of serious disease, and live happier, healthier and longer lives.

With my "LOSERS BEGONE!" program
you TOO DON'T have to be a "Loser Magnet" anymore!

"For 12 years I had been in a nowhere relationship! - settling for what I thought would be a forever thing, but in my heart knowing it would never be. Yet I waited and waited for him to change.

Dr. Elena's "Losers Be Gone" helped me realized HE was never going to change. It gave me the strength, courage and motivation to take the necessary steps to make things change.

Here I am , at 46. I let go of the 'Loser' and am now with the man of my dreams.

Time is all we have. Don't waste a precious moment of it thinking you are only worthy of "Losers".

I was finally able to shed my 'Loser Magnet' and am now a 'Winner'!"

"Thanks so much Elena!"

Horsham, PA

Testimonial from Shari.
Shari with the man of her dreams!


"I completely had it with dating, and almost gave up the thought of ever finding a great guy to share my life with. Out of desperation, I purchased Dr. Elena’s “Losers Begone” program.

I began listening to the CDs and completing the exercises in the workbooks as instructed, but ‘Mr. Right’ didn’t immediately come banging on my door. I did, however, begin noticing a much better ‘sense of self’, and higher self-esteem.

Well, within two months of using the program, I met an incredible guy! He told me that I stood out from the crowd in the way that I carried myself. This is something I’ve never heard from anyone before. We’ve been together almost two years and are talking about getting married.

Based on my previous relationship track record, this relationship would never have reached this level. Dr. Elena’s ‘Losers Begone’ program made the difference! I highly recommend it. I’m certain that it’ll help you attract that special guy too!"

"I can't thank you enough Dr. Elena!"

-Karen Kingsbury
Souderton, PA

Karen, happier than ever!


"After my 25-year marriage ended in a divorce, I was very apprehensive and nervous about getting back into the ‘singles scene’! I mean, who wouldn’t feel uneasy about entering the dating arena after that long a time? I simply couldn’t get the impetus to take the first step.

I bought the ‘Losers Begone’ program by Dr. Elena with the hope that it would help me take that first step. I listed and I studied, and to my surprise, the program did much more than expected. ‘Losers Begone’ helped me gain the know-how and confidence, and I started dating soon afterwards.
I never expected this to happen.

I am having the time of my life meeting and dating nice, attentive, fun-loving, marriage-minded men! I’ve even had a few proposals already.

Will I marry again? Yes! But not too soon. I’m having too much fun!"

"Thanks so much Elena!"

Cleveland, Ohio



Wouldn't it be wonderful to walk into a room
and pick/attract the best and highest quality man?

checkmarkStop Losers "Dead in Their Tracks"!

With "Loser Protection Rx"
you can make better love choices in just 30 days!

4 Powerful Audios
Case Studies Manual
and Workbook!

Note: This program is modeled after the one I created for myself that helped me manifest a happy marriage to a wonderful, devoted man who is not only my lover, but also my best friend. And it just gets better and better, so much so that at times I have to pinch myself just to make sure that I'm not dreaming!

"Losers Begone"!

The First and most powerful program
of its kind,
specifically designed
to help you shed the
"Losers Habit"
once and for all!

Changing the lives
of women
around the world!

"Just before starting the program I had ended a 10 year relationship with the man I had thought to be 'the one'. I had been quite devastated about the break-up and was wondering if the many years of therapy and working on myself with various different modalities had failed. How could I have been so sure about our loving, committed relationship, if in the end it did not work?
When I first started listening to Dr. Elena’s CDs I had serious doubts. Wasn’t this just another re-programming 'thing' like so many others I had tried in the past? I already knew that I only deserved the best of men and that I am a loveable, talented, beautiful and intelligent woman who deserves to receive as much as she gives. So how was this 'Losers-Be-Gone” going to help me? Well, I was in for a surprise!

Four weeks after starting 'Losers-Be-Gone' I felt more capable than ever before to fully enjoy life by myself or with an equal partner. And what's really incredible is that my relationship with my 'Ex' has actually improved tremendously. We are now able to have a wonderful and loving friendship where we are both able to treat each other with respect and support one another more than ever before. We are both very aware of the necessity of our break-up in order for each of us to grow and there is no need to give our relationship a specific name, because each of us is fully enjoying life by her/himself!

Dr. Elena's 'Losers-Be-Gone' program was so much more than expected! Elena, I can’t thank you enough for the priceless tool you put into my hands! I hope that many women will be able to gain the confidence, joy and excitement about their lives and their loves! I am already spreading the word!"

"Thanks so much Elena!"

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Franka, enjoying
life more than ever!


"I rarely buy self-help programs because I often end up being disappointed, but I took a chance with this one. Well, after listening and working through the ‘Losers Begone’ program by Dr. Elena Bien, I found myself quite empowered. It helped me realize, recognize and fully internalize that I had it in me all the time to ward off men that were no darn good.

I find that I can now go out and easily fend off men who think that they are so ‘cool’. But an added bonus of using the ‘Losers Begone’ program was that it gave me the self-confidence to not only weed out the ‘Loser’ men that always seemed to approach me, but also to weed out any present and/or future friends/acquaintances that turn out to be leeches or otherwise bad for me, something that I was previously unable to do.

'Losers Begone' has given me a whole new outlook on how to meet and deal with people, for dating or otherwise!"

"Thanks so much Elena for this exceptional program!"

Coco Beach, Florida

Terry, excited about her new dynamic people skills and "razor-sharp" discerning ability!


"Working in the field of social service for many years, I felt very comfortable in this work environment. However, anytime a guy was anywhere near me, especially one that I found attractive, I would shut down completely. I’d become so shy that it was even difficult for me to speak.

I really wanted to be married and have children, but didn’t know how to even ‘get up to bat’. Men I was interested in simply didn’t ask me out. And those who did ask me out, resembled the kind Dr. Elena describes as ‘Losers’.

After listening and working with the ‘Losers Begone’ program I felt a renewed sense of self-confidence and self-worth. I didn’t shut down in the presence of an interesting man. Rather, I often engaged them in conversation.

The ‘Losers Begone’ program also gave me a ready set of tools to help bring the best guy possible into my life. After working with the program for a few months, I met an absolutely wonderful guy. We’ve been dating almost seven months, and he’s still bringing me flowers. Our relationship is moving to the next level. Yes, he’s a ‘keeper’!"

Dr. Elena, your program is fantastic"!

"I can’t thank you enough
Dr. Elena!"

Hempstead, NY

Marianne, comfortable and confident in any social setting, and thrilled with her committed love relationship!

In the video below, Dr. Elena discusses, in her playful and at times comedic style, varous "Loser Types", and the signs to watch out for. She also shows that women can "STOP" attracting these "undesirables" into their lives!

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In the video below, Dr. Elena describes her complete
"Losers Begone" program, and explains how it can
help women STOP being a magnet for "Losers"!

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You'll get a "kick" out of the video below, as you watch
Dr. Elena on a mission to "Stop Losers Dead in Their Tracks"!

Note: This video is meant to be a cute, "tongue-and-cheek", portrayal of a "Huntress" on the prowl for "Losers".
It's just for fun and certainly does NOT reflect
what is taught in Dr. Elena's program.

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Note: To get the most benefit from this powerful, transformational package, you need to go through the entire program! No shortcuts please!

So what's in the package . . . . . ?

You get a copy of a 42-page insightful and educational research project I conducted involving numerous case studies called, "Why Women Make Bad Choices in Love: A Sociological Reality"! The study was conducted a diverse group of women from various ethnic, educational and socioeconomic backgrounds. Find out how you rank!

case studies

Included in the study:

Why I have chosen this subject.
The impact of parents’ relationship on a child.
Impact of friends and family (not parents) on a child.
How your mind creates your reality (expectancy).
Characteristics of relationships that raise self-esteem.
Patterns that people have in relationship choices.
What most people want in relationships/marriage.
Domestic Violence: Qualities of an abuser, i.e. what to avoid.
What qualities do healing relationships share?
Visualization and the impact on creating a happy relationship.
Why is it important to create a love contract.
Methods: A focus group of 25 women was organized to discuss issues based on the literature that was read and studied. A survey was conducted with this group.
Explanation of why the survey yielded the results.
Findings: A survey of participants’ responses taken to issues brought forward, based on the material reviewed for this endeavor.
Summary and Conclusion: Creating one cohesive package based on research and results.

You also get 4 powerful audios!

Losers Begone CD 1checkmark"CD 1" consists of introductory information and prepares you for an incredible transformational journey. By defining other women’s experiences, it also helps you further define what the "Loser Types" fall into your behavioral pattern.

Losers Begone CD 2checkmark"CD 2" is a very soothing progressive relaxation that helps prepare you to easily and effortlessly take in the positive information and suggestions that follow in the next two audios. You can also listen to this CD independent of the program whenever you simply need to unwind and relax.

Losers Begone CD 3checkmark"CD 3" is a metaphoric journey and programming where you are taken on a excursion of discovery and awareness. It helps you redefine your love objectives and move you past previous habitual, self-defeating love behavior. It helps open you to healthy love-relationship possibilities and further assists you in elevating your self-esteem and your personal "Lovability Quotient" (LQ).

 Losers Begone CD 4checkimark"CD 4" is a total hypnosis immersion programming, para-hemispherically designed to be effectively processed and assimilated by both sides of the brain. It utilizes an underlying sound matrix of binaural beats, digitally processed reversed linear enhancement, and precise multilevel pre-conscious programming, specifically scripted for enhanced absorption. It utilizes the unique “enveloped saturation” process, which helps bypass any conscious pre-filtering to directly access the human change mechanism.

Let's simplify the above: Binaural Beats have been researched for almost 170 years and work by broadcasting two separate frequencies in each ear. They allow you to reach deeper levels of programming. But this is only a small part of this powerful audio. The unique "enveloped saturation" process creates a "surround-sound" environment that helps overcome the typical resistance to change that so many of us hold on to, allowing you to embrace the concepts that you desire to create in yourself. It is the most powerful resistance-penetrating program available!

Note: It may take you some time getting used to the parahemispheric, binaural beats and "enveloped saturation" that are employed in this audio. It is not advisable to listen to this CD until you have listened to CD 3 for at least two weeks.

Note: This CD series maybe used in conjunction therapy as directed by your health care professional. It is intended for educational purposes only! Never drive, use machinery, or involve yourself with any distracting activity of any kind while listening to this CD series.

And to bring it all together, you also get my 57-page "Losers Begone" Workbook!

Losers Begone WorkbookThe "Losers Begone" Workbook continues "Losers Rx" and is divided into 3 Main Sections . . . . .

checkmark Section 1: The first section is a review of the material on the audios. By answering a series of interactive questions that highlight main points on the audios you will assimilate the material more easily and completely.
checkmark Section 2: If you don’t have a map in life and love you will never reach your destination. The "10 Love Essentials" included in the second section are that map.
checkmark Section 3: The 3rd section is your "Man Action Plan"! You are given a set of specific steps that'll help you tie all of the information covered into an individualized workable program!

And just for fun . . . . you get a present you can give any "Loser" who even attempts to gain you attention!

Professional DetectivecheckmarkYour official Professional Detective Card - "Loser Identification Division" . . . . Whenever you're approached by a "Loser", simply display your "Losers Begone" Business Card (or hand him a copy), and watch him squirm! It's such fun!!! 10 "Losers Begone" Business Cards are included. You can always order more.

You're probably wondering how much this dynamic program will cost you. Well . . . . .

checkmark What would you pay to put a stop to attracting the wrong men?
checkmark How much would you invest to become a magnet for quality men?
checkmark How much would it be worth to you to have a loving relationship?

Friends told me that I should charge $295 for this program. But you're NOT going to pay $295! You're NOT even going to pay $200! Not even $150! You're NOT even going to pay $125!

I'm enjoying a wonderful, happy life with the man of my dreams, and I want the same for you. So for a limited time, you can get the complete "Losers Begone" program for only $97! But I can't say how long this special price will be available.

Answers to some questions:

checkmarkQues. Will I get any other bonuses with this program (ebooks, software, etc.)?
The "Losers Begone" program stands on its own and needs NO added bonuses! Sellers often offer bonuses with their programs as a marketing ploy to get you to buy their product by "dressing it up" with "filler-material", to make it appear as a one-time, "irresistible offer"! They try to create an "urgency" for you to buy.

The "Losers Begone" program is the result of what I learned from my years of experience as a college professor and relationships consultant, but more importantly from the hundreds of women that I interviewed and questioned, and from my own personal heartaches and disappointments in love relationships. The program stands alone on its merits, and doesn't need any "window dressing".

checkmarkQues. Do you offer a money-back guarantee?
There is NO money back guarantee. Marketing "gurus" will tell you that one should always offer a money-back guarantee. This gets many more people to buy the product, and most people won't return a physical product, even if they don't like it. Based on the "law of averages", even with the small percentage of possible returns, the marketer ends up making a "ton of money".

I am NOT a marketer! I am a teacher, writer, and a love relationships consultant, and I feel no need to use this hackneyed marketing tool. There are however, two guarantees! The first is that I put my "heart and soul" into making this program, and it is based on a program that I created for myself that helped me to finally put an end to my attracting "Losers", once and for all! The second guarantee is from you to me - that you will faithfully follow the instructions and go through the program completely, as directed. Numerous studies have shown that people, who invest in a product or service that doesn't offer a money-back guarantee, are much more likely to use that product or service. I DON'T want you to get the "Losers Begone" program and put it on a shelf where it will sit for the next 10 years! By making the commitment to personally invest in and own the program, you'll be much more apt to also invest "Yourself" in the transformational process, which is the key ingredient.

checkmarkQues. Will this program go on sale in the near future?
As I already mentioned, I was told to charge $295 for the "Losers Begone" program, but I wanted to make it within reach for virtually every woman. So actually, this IS the sale price.
Besides, $97 is a mere "drop in the bucket" compared to the money you'll save when you STOP being a magnet for "Losers"! If anything, the price will probably go up in the future.

Still not convinced?

Think about your last heart-breaking relationship and just how much time, money and pain it caused you.

Isn't it time to take control of "Your Love Destiny"?

Just how much is your happiness worth?


Stop Losers "Dead in Their Tracks"
with "Loser Protection Rx"!!!

The First and Most Powerful Program
of it's kind!!!

With my "LOSERS BEGONE!" program
you don't have to be a
"Loser Magnet" anymore!

Yes Elena, I've Had it with attracting "Losers"!
I want your program now!

$295 Only $97 Limited Time!

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  • You get the Research Study: "Why Women Make Bad Choices in Love: A Sociological Reality!"
  • You get the 4 Powerful "Losers Begone" Audio CDs!
  • You get the "Losers Begone" Workbook!
  • You get the 10 "Losers Identification Division" Detective Cards!
  • You get everything you need to help you STOP being a "Loser Magnet"!
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Stop Being a Magnet for Losers!!!
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